My name is Lotje Kinable. I'm 31 years old and I live in Bruges, Belgium.

I'm a junior freelance developer with a passion for Laravel. I started my own company in March, 2021.

As a happy dog mom, working from home is great!


  • Laravel
  • Music: playing the piano, guitar
  • Photography
  • Reading: books, blogs, ...
  • Helping others


In 2018, my team and I won the first prize (in our category) in the City Hacks 2018 (Bruges) competition. We were given 24 hours to create a (prototype) app regarding pollution in the city. We were given data about the bins located in Bruges so we came up with Plogger. The goal: clean up your city while jogging or walking, and share a pic next to a bin with all the rubbish you collected on your social media.


I like to share things, so I created a Medium account.


  • In September 2019, I started my internship at Libaro, a small company in Bruges. There I learned to work with Laravel and Vue.js. At that moment LiveWire by Caleb Porzio came out in alpha and I ended up writing my thesis about Laravel and LiveWire.
  • In 2020, I graduated as a Software engineer (Howest, Bruges).


Company Details

Company name:
Lotje Kinable
BE 0764.411.072


I'll continue to update my website ;-)